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Rimini For Families


If you're looking for a city that truly caters for children, then Rimini is the perfect place for you, offering a unique combination of fantasy and reality that fascinates children and entertains adults as well.

To help you discover this fabulous Rimini we'd like to start with our most important feature, fifteen kilometres of golden beach, so special that with bucket, spade and a little water it can be transformed into magical sandcastles or racing tracks for marbles (now the game's called cheecoting, a passion that in Rimini can take the form of tournaments for shooting plastic or glass marbles along tracks just as exciting as Formula One!).

And then there's the sea, which is clean (over the years it has been awarded the FEEE blue flag, a prestigious European recognition) and, for those who decide to bathe close to the shore under the watchful eye of the lifeguards, very shallow.

In other words, safety is the key both in and out of the water thanks to an organisation that is unrivalled throughout the world.


Over the years Rimini has accumulated a wealth of entertainment opportunities for young guests. Every beach centre is an open-air playground, with games, swings and even babycare rooms with bottle warmers and tables for changing nappies.

Over a hundred professional leisure organizers transform the beach into a fantastic entertainment park for children, with activities of all kinds offered from June to September (ask reception in our Hotel Pacific). The day starts at 9 am with a few easy exercises for Mum and Dad, and then the entertainment and activity workshops start, with everything from mini-olympics and handwork with salt dough, kites and puppets, through to treasure hunts and face painting.

Enjoyment is guaranteed at 'Blue Camp', a holiday village on the beach for the under-13's where from 8 am to 7 pm trained staff offer a programme of sports, games and activities, with indoor gymnasium available in case of rain.

And if you're not too tired after so much fun, many beach centres and tourist organizations offer swimming lessons, schools for windsurfing and canoeing. Rollerskating fans will find over 10 skating rinks together with 30 kilometres of cycle paths that are also ideal for rollerblades.

After such a busy time our guests can always relax with something from our beach libraries, with books and comics to read under your parasol. And if our young guests don't want to go to bed early, Rimini's non-stop party continues in the evening with fireworks over the sea, cinema on the beach, with films for young children as well in six places along the beach, open-air cinemas and special events with shows and candy floss, and of course the delicious delights of our 40 ice cream parlours.


From the enchanted valleys of gnomes to the spells of Merlin the Magician, from the rapids of Indiana Jones to dolphin acrobatics, young dreams come true in Rimini's theme parks, where entertainment can sometimes also be a great way to study. For example, the Italia in Miniatura park features hundreds of faithful replicas of monuments and other architectural treasures, and also offers a Science Fair and other exciting attractions that stimulate the desire to learn.

Fiabilandia mixes reality and fantasy with a real safari in the midst of extraordinary animals, allowing visitors to meet African ostriches, tigers, elephants, giraffes and even a rhinoceros, which can be followed by a tour of Merlin the Magician's Enchanted Castle, the Lake of Dreams or the Old Mine, or a visit to the new entertainment area with attractions that defy the laws of gravity.

There are water chutes on the beach (with giant swimming pools and water slides at Marebello, Rivabella and Viserba), and a trip round the pool towed by dolphins at Rimini Dolphinarium (Piazzale del Porto). Apart from the spectacular dolphin show, children can also visit the aquarium with piranhas and other tropical fish, and an exhibit on whales.

The new, extensive Galvanina Thermal Park, which offers dancing, games and shows for children, young people and families, awaits you on the hillsides of Covignano.

Near Rimini there are even more water chutes and pools with artificial waves, at Aquafan in Riccione or at Aquabell in Bellaria Igea Marina.

Another attraction for lovers of the unusual is the Le Navi Marine Park in Cattolica, which features a simulated trip to the abysses of the deepest oceans.


Rimini becomes a world of fun and games every day. This is the aim of hundreds of hospitality operators united in 14 tourist committees that work enthusiastically to ensure enjoyment and entertainment for families with children, offering puppet shows, travelling mini-circuses with clowns and acrobats, and street performances to bring fun and excitement to holiday evenings from Torre Pedrera to Miramare.

The city centre also caters for young visitors, with a not-to-be-missed children's market every Wednesday evening, packed with hundreds of budding traders with stalls full of second-hand toys, comics, books, used telephone cards, handmade objects and potential collector's items. Wednesday evenings in Rimini city centre also feature dance and music performances, handcraft workshops and storytelling in the main squares and streets.

Another children's market is held every Monday evening in Viale Vespucci in Marina Centro.

Bringing children's dreams and fantasies to life is easy with the highly successful season of readings and theatre presented by the children's section of the Via Gambalunga Civic Library, which fills the Amphitheatre on summer evenings with special events for its young audience.

Holidays can also offer a perfect opportunity to learn, starting with an instructive but at the same time entertaining trip back through time with the special displays of the Municipal Museum (Via Tonini 1).

Another fascinating attraction is the Aviation Museum, with over 40 historical aircraft, including one that boasts Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe, John and Ted Kennedy and Frank Sinatra among its list of famous passengers.

Rimini can even mean bookshops, ranging from specialized ones in the city centre to bargain stalls on the seafront and near the harbour, offering half-price books for all tastes, allowing the perfect volume for holiday reading to be found at a perfect price.

The excitement continues with the riviera's fairgrounds (the biggest is in Via Cavalieri di Vittorio Veneto at Miramare, the second biggest is at Bellariva), on its go-kart tracks (on Miramare seafront) and on its mini-golf courses (Marina Centro, Rivazzurra, Torre Pedrera and Rivabella).

In July, Rimini becomes the city of cartoons, with showings, exhibitions, conferences, performances and a host of similar events, because July is the month of 'Cartoon Club', the international festival of cartoons and comics that also spills over onto the beach, with a group of cartoonists doing live drawings, giving young viewers the opportunity to admire their work firsthand, complete with free comic books, souvenirs, magazines, drawings, autographs and other special gifts.

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